Mobapper helps websites to go mobile in minutes by creating native mobile apps for its content. Currently it supports websites in WordPress platform. Native Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry apps are generated for WordPress websites in minutes. Also websites can control the app’s content even after publishing the app.

Creating a solid mobile presence is vital to all digital businesses these days. Cost and time of mobile app development is the main problem these businesses are facing when trying to create a mobile app. Mobapper solve this problem by proving a no coding, instant app generation platform.





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App Features

Automated Content Syncing

All content in your WordPress website will automatically appear in mobile app. No extra configurations or efforts needed.

Push Notifications

Push notifications will help your readers to stay connected with your website even if they are not opening the app.

App Indexing & Deep Linking

App Indexing and Deeplinking will help promote your app and website in search engine rankings. Also improves user experince.

Social Login

Users will be able to login using facebook or google plus accounts. This will enable personalised content distribution.

Dynamic Home Page

Add custom banners or sections in the app home page. Helps you make the app more user friendly.

Dynamic UI Customization

Change your app UI just like customizing a WordPress theme. All changes will go to the user in minutes.